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Jim Holzknecht


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Jim has a broad range of experience not only in film and video production but also in online learning, web based training and educational course development. He was a writer, producer, director and online course developer for PBS.

In 2006, Jim began producing educational documentaries for colleges and universities. Some of the educational documentary titles include:

  • Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  • Team Leadership
  • Sociology of Sports
  • History of Physical Education in the U.S.
  • Psychology of Sport
  • History of Modern Dance
  • Biomechanics

For several years, Jim has been studying Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), EFT, applied kinesiology, and other energy psychology modalities. He is fascinated with neuro-science, and unleashing the full potential and power of the mind. Jim is an NLP and EFT practitioner, as well as a former introduction leader for Landmark Education.

The genesis for Beyond Belief came about out of a commitment to uncover the mechanics of the manifestation process, to give people tools to release blocks and to unleash the power of their creative mind.

For Jim, Beyond Belief was the perfect synergy of intention, non-attachment, the power of community and guidance from universal energy. Many of the tools discussed in the documentary were applied throughout the production of the film so the film itself is an excellent example of what can happen when the tools are applied.

"I am committed to empowering and inspiring individuals to create a life of creativity, inspiration, fun, passion and purpose."

In Gratitude,